Top 15 Most Interesting Facts About The Human Heart

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Here are some of the human heart facts which will add a lot to the existing pool of your knowledge about the tireless pumping organ.

  • 1. Every 3rd US woman dies of a heart condition!
  • 2. The divers slow down their heartbeat to economize the use of oxygen.
  • 3. An adult’s heart beats 80 times/min but it reduces to 60 beats/min when you are asleep!
  • 4. With the lungs being relatively non-functional, the fetus uses the placenta to get oxygen from the mother’s uterus.
  • 5. After the flow of blood from the placenta is cut and the fetus takes its first breath, the heart chambers undergo final septation.
  • 6. Your heart lies between the right and left lungs which occupy the lateral spaces called the pleural cavities.
  • 7. The average rate of your heartbeat is 72 times per minute. In one day, the heart beats over a hundred thousand times!
  • 8. An average heart can pump around two thousand gallons of blood throughout the body every day.
  • 9. The heart can continue to beat for a while even if you separate it from the body if there is a supply of oxygen.
  • 10. The heart muscles can contract in response to the electrical impulses.
  • 11. In response to exercise, the cardiac muscles tend to grow both in size and strength. This is the very reason that the hearts of athletes are much larger.

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