Which is the 80th organ in the human body?

After the discovery of mesentery and its designation as a distinct organ, there is a new revolutionary discovery made in 2018. It is the discovery of yet another organ, the 80th one. Can you guess which is the 80th organ in the human body? The research findings show that the new organ may play a crucial role in the spread of cancer across different parts of the body.It is also likely to compete with skin as the largest organ of the body.

Doctors are of the views that the functionality of the already known phenomenon of the interstitial tissues and interstitial fluid had been underestimated. Now the latest research provides fresh insights into the feature of the body that was previously unrecognized.

Initial Description

Earlier the discovery of the mesentery as a distinct organ increased the number of organs of the body to 79 while also opening up a whole new era of science. Though the mesentery was initiallydescribed as early as 1508 by the Italian polymath Leanardo da Vinci, no further research could be made for as long as five centuries. The study of the structure, function, abnormalities and diseases of mesentery constitutes the field of mesenteric science.

Interstitium – the 80th Organ

The recently discovered 80th organ has been termed as interstitium. It is interesting to note that interstitium is going to be the new largest organ in the body. Earlier, the interstitium was thought to be consisting of widespread, fluid-filled spaces not only within but also between the tissues throughout the body. It is through a study published in a British multidisciplinary scientific journal, Nature, that these spaces or compartments have been collectively termed as a distinct organ.

Earlier Assumptions

Before the discovery of interstitium as an organ, it was thought that there was a dense layer of the connective tissue located underneath the skin and lining other organs. As revealed by the latest research, the new 80th organ of the body is actually made up of a network of compartments or spaces filled with liquid. The experts are of the view that the interstitial compartments of the interstitiumare organized by a collagen mesh. They have the unique ability to expand and shrink and, therefore, may by serving as shock absorbers in the body.

Role in the Spread of Cancer

The researchers have also pointed out a bitter fact about this newly discovered organ. That is, the compartments of interstitiumcan play a crucial role in the spread of cancer to different parts of the body, thus making it metastatic. If you don’t know about metastasis, it is a medical term for the type of cancer which can spread to different other parts or organs of the body from the site of its origination.

How does the fluid-filled compartments facilitate the metastasis of cancer? Actually, when cancer enters the layer of interstitiumin the viscera or in the skin, it starts spreading to other parts or organs of the body.

To Sum Up

The study of the human body spans across centuries and ages. Several useful discoveries have been made including the identification and analysis of structure and function of the 79 organs. One of the most surprising aspects of the discovery of the 80th organ of the body is that it remained unknown for so many centuries.

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