Genitals Facts, Functions, Diseases in Humans - Males and Females

What Are Genitals?

The genitals facts are of special interest not only for a student of biology but also an amateur reader.

But, what are genitals? As you know the flowers and cones are the reproductive organs of flowering and coniferous plants, respectively. Similarly, the genitals are the external structures in humans.

They have to play a significant role in sexual reproduction for the continuation of human race.

Genitals facts suggest that there are usually two external sexual organs (genitalia) in male humans, namely, penis and scrotum.

On the other hand, in females, these are three in number, that is, clitoris, labia and vagina. As you can see in the genitals pictures, these are usually muscular extensions of the body.

Concerning their location, you can find them on the ventral side at the region called groin.

Genitals Facts

Functions of Genitalia

There are two primary functions of these organs. These are: (1) to assist in urination and, (2) to carry out sexual reproduction.

In males, there is single opening for both the functions, while females have two separate openings.

One of them performs the urinary function while the other leads through a canal to the ovaries.

During the time of sexual intercourse, the members of opposite sexes come into close contact with each other.

A biological term for such a process is mating, during which males and females contribute sperms and eggs, respectively.

In other words, males provide sperms for the fertilization of eggs that come from the female’s side. These are called gametes.

The gametes thus contributed by each individual combine to form zygote. A zygote, on the other hand, is the first cell that will multiply and develop in the womb.

A developing zygote, in turn, leads to the creation of a baby.

Diseases of Genitalia

Unfortunately, even the most sensitive organs of human body have no exemption from the attack of serious. At times, such disorders can prove to be fatal for the victim.

Any infectious or mild malfunctioning of external reproductive structures causes a great deal of embarrassment for the individual.

But, you can easily save yourself by having an understanding of the ailments and taking the preventive measures accordingly.

Moreover, any such abnormality adversely affects the proper functioning of the reproductive system. At the same time, there is also possibility that it will lead to infertility.

Some of the major disorders of male genitalia include Priapism, Peyronie's Disease, Penile Cancer, and Paraphimosis.

Phimosis, torsion and cancer of the testes, varicocele and hydrocels are some other conditions of the male sex organs.

Likewise, there are many malformations, and infectious & inflammatory diseases of female genitals, namely, Chlamydia, candidiasis, herpes and cancer.

All of such diseases have cure the patients are able to receive treatment well in time.

So, in case you are suffering from any of such ailments, never ignore the treatment and consult your health care provider as soon as possible.

Interesting Male Genitals Facts:

  • It is one of the most interest genitals facts that humans are the only primates whose genitals show erection without the support of bones.
  • Smoking has damaging effects on the male organs, i.e. it makes them dry and wrinkled. It is primarily because smoking calcifies vessels and restricts the blood flow.
  • Exercise is essential for maintaining the health of all organs of the body, including genitals. They also need proper exercise for healthy performance.
  • The scientists have come up with some really amazing genitals facts. For example, the foreskin obtained after the circumcision of infants can produce over 23,000 square meters of skin. The doctors have suggested that it will help in the treatment of burns.
  • Quite unbelievably, only around thirty percent of males undergo circumcision in the world!
  • It is one of the bitter genitals facts that the people who do not undergo circumcision are at the risk of developing penile cancer.
  • The male genitals are much larger than you can guess them to be. Actually, a major part of them is inside the body.
  • The studies have revealed that getting less sleep can affect the mental, physical as well as sexual health of an individual. In other words, getting proper sleep and reducing extra weight can help you improve the performance of genitals.
  • Here is another of the amazing genitals facts. While in the womb, both males and females develop a vagina! It is the action of testosterone that renders masculine characteristics to the genitals.
  • It is not the brain but spinal cord that controls the process of ejaculation! In fact, it is a kind of reflexive response that comes from the spinal cord.

Interesting Female Genitals Facts:

  • While male genitals have two parts, i.e. penis and scrotum, the female genitals have three parts, namely, clitoris, vagina and labia. Vagina, however, is the most important part.
  • On average, the vagina measures around four inches deep in the relaxed state.
  • It is one of the amazing female genitals facts that vagina can grow three times larger both in size and depth.
  • Usually, an intact hymen (a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the vaginal opening) is considered the test for virginity. But, this may not always hold true!
  • All the women may not necessarily be born with the same size for hymen – it may vary both in thickness and the area it covers.
  • There is natural tendency in women to urinate during or after intercourse even if they have already urinated. This may be due to several reasons, including the stimulation in the urethra and the bladder.
  • There are more nerve endings in clitoris than found in any other parts of the body. That is, they can as many as 8,000 or even more. On stimulation, they can cause the sensation of pleasure or pain.
  • At the time of ovulation, there occur physical changes in the vagina. Particularly, the walls become rubbery and you can stretch them more than usual.
  • Just as the eyes have tears for cleaning, the vagina releases fluids as a natural means of cleaning the organ. In case you use water for washing, it will have damaging effects. Especially, it will lose the natural flora, such as good bacteria, and become vulnerable to diseases.

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