The Truth About Smart Drugs: What Happens After 30 Days On It?

Smart drugs are promoted as things you could take to speed up your thought process, make you more productive, and boost your memory. This promise sounds like the best life hack you could come across, but how effective are smart drugs and do they really work? In 2015 alone, the smart drugs industry made more than $1 billion and more sites have come up to sell the same drugs.

Truth About Smart Drugs

This shows a growing industry, but does this mean the drugs have been useful to those who buy them? To understand what happens after 30 days, it’s important to see how the drugs function across a timeline within the same period.

On the First Day

On the first day, if you are a beginner, you will need to take two Rise tablets. You might be taken aback by the size because they are really large, but with a glass of water you can take them down. It’s the expectation of many people that immediately after taking the drugs they would start seeing instant change. Nothing dramatic happens on the first day, but on day two you might start to see changes in how well you are able to manage duties and handle processes. It largely improves your efficiency and gives you a great deal of energy to take on important tasks.

Truth About Smart Drugs - On the First Day

With consistent consumption every day, you will note changes as you head towards the fourth day, and this could be in the form of increased energy. What you will learn most about these drugs is that they primarily help to boost your energy levels, which is something that is required in the cognitive process.

Thought Process

Cognition includes a mental phenomena that relies on memory, executive functions, and attention, so for a drug to qualify to be called smart, it has to impact the executive functions of your brain. The higher level of your thought process is held by executive functions and this includes planning, reasoning, sieving information, and thinking about solutions to problems.

When you are tired, your function circuits get disconnected and thus you are normally not able to make the best decisions. However, with drugs like caffeine, you can enhance neurotransmitter acetylcholine and restore the circuits. This is the same thing that happens when people smoke or drink tea then feel good afterwards. Some of the smart drugs available have the same effect.

Visible Enhancement

To a large extent, smart drugs function just like steroids in athletics. The difference is that when you take nootropics, you only place the brain in its optimal chemical state to function. According to many students who use smart drugs, they are able to study better and this definitely impacts their performance. So, there is a question whether this amounts to cheating or is still fair.

According to researchers, nootropics don’t affect the brain directly to enhance cognition, but they help to improve the state of mind of the user, which enhances one’s focus. Therefore, the way smart drugs function is not largely about giving the user more cognitive power, but elevating their focus so they can work on more challenging tasks. If you are a student looking to have more focus on what you are doing you might want to consider some nootropics. Here is a list of nootropic supplements that might be useful to your needs.

Marginal Gains

If you are going to start using nootropics, what you should have most is patience. These are not instant solutions, but the drugs work over the long term. You will only get marginal gains that cumulatively lead to something visible after some time. That is why you are encouraged to consume the drugs on a daily basis or following a specific schedule if you would like to see positive change. Once the results kick in, you will feel more relaxed and they help to improve your focus. Many of us are not patient until that happens and that’s the reason you will find complaints all over claiming these drugs don’t work.

Another misunderstanding that makes people to dismiss the usefulness of nootropics is the belief that they help you to get smarter, which as mentioned above is not true. What the drugs do is improve your focus and efficiency so your brain is able to process tasks better.

Are there any Risks?

Now that you have seen it could be true smart drugs give you the boost you need, how safe are these drugs? Although no serious cases have been reported after someone used the drugs, this does not mean they hold no potential to harm the user. The to have more focus on what you are doing you might want to consider some nootropics. Here is a human brain is a complex computer and any attempts to upgrade it without gradual acceleration might lead to an upset of the intricate balance required for it to function seamlessly. If you are pursuing simple functions, you don’t face as many risks as when you are working on some complex ideas. Therefore, like any other drug, you need moderation while using these drugs to avoid frustrating your cognitive functions.

Any long-term Effects?

A lot of research around nootropics has showed they offer some benefits, but as some experts suggest, there is still room for investigation to know if there are any serious effects you could suffer for using the drugs for a long period of time. Researchers have discovered what helps the product to function the way it does and with this information they could as well probe into the possibility of there being some long-term effects that the user should be aware of. Therefore, little is known about what could happen after using smart drugs for a prolonged period of time, so make sure to proceed cautiously.

If you observe the history behind the development of smart drugs (pro-stimulants e.g. Adderall and Ritalin), you will discover that the drugs were primarily developed to be used by individuals who were suffering from attention deficit disorder. The drugs have since become a go-to solution among students who want to ace tests, and by large they have proved effective. A few side effects have been recorded through, which could include heart problems, nausea, and sleeplessness. Therefore, while taking smart drugs, you should be aware of the possibility of suffering from any of these side effects.

Don’t Fall for Over-promising

Every company out there that manufactures smart drugs gives you a promise that you will experience some sort of improvement instantly. Many people are left disappointed by the fact brain function does not change as fast as these companies promise. This could be blamed on both the consumer and the company because it would be foolish to straightaway believe you will achieve a boost in your brain function immediately after you have consumed nootropics. Companies on the other hand are to be blamed for exploiting the belief and also making false claims that are yet to be backed by clinical evidence.

Many people who consume nootropics have been thought to have a shortcut mentality. They just don’t want to put the hard work in anything, but this is not to dismiss anyone who wants to use smart drugs as it could be for a number of reasons.

What happens after 30 days?

Next question you might want answered is what happens after you have used smart drugs for a period exceeding 30 days continuously. As long as you are using the drugs, you will have a subtle boost in your focus, and in most cases you will not notice this because this is not something that works like drugs that intoxicate you. You only realize when you measure your performance against the tasks you have been doing all along.

Truth About Smart Drugs - What happens after 30 days

After thirty days taking smart drugs, your body might get used to the drugs and just like any other drug you might have to take more to achieve the same results you got in the past. At first, the effect is plausible but as time progresses your body gets used to the drug and no longer can show the same response under the same dosage. This is where the question about the reliability of these drugs comes in.

Many tests have been done to establish what really happens after 30 days and whether the impact you get from the drugs is lasting, and one thing about the findings is that these drugs work best as a temporary solution, so when you are not under the drugs your brain returns to its usual functional capabilities. That means taking the drugs for a few days and stopping for 30 days you will not notice any impact after that. It is only after you have used the drugs that you are able to impact the activity your cognitive process.

That is one of the reasons you should not take this as a savior as there is no established truth that indeed you could help boost your brain power after taking these drugs. The only available evidence shows the drugs impact how well you are able to focus on the things you are doing.

If you are thinking about taking smart drugs, probably to boost your studies, you should consider the fact that these drugs might not entirely be designed to help boost your brain power. Rather, the drugs are more inclined to helping you focus on the things you are assigned to do. The effect is also temporary, so don’t expect anything longer lasting.

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