7 Signs You May Need Root Canal Treatment

The tooth makes a very important part of the mouth and human body for that matter. Basically, almost everything that goes into the body passes through the mouth. So it can be extremely uncomfortable when you start to experience some sort of discomfort in your teeth. While there are several home remedies that could help you ease the pain, sometimes it requires extreme measures and that includes a tooth canal treatment. So if you have been having doubts about your tooth issue and wondering whether you need a root canal treatment or not, then it's time to go through the 123 Dental's explanation about root canal treatment and decide if you need one.

Nevertheless, here is a list of the symptoms you should be aware of:

Pain During Chewing

Your teeth are formed to withstand all normal duties pertaining to chewing and biting. Therefore, if you find yourself experiencing some discomfort during any of the procedures, then something must definitely be wrong. Yes, sometimes some underlying issue apart from a cavity can lead to this, but if the pain remains consistent and unbearable, then it only amounts to a bigger issue that requires immediate checkup.

It's always better to be sure. Therefore, we advise a visit to your dentist as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and possible therapy. Remember a root canal treatment isn't often complicated. Sometimes all you will need is a fill-up.

Pain During Chewing

Fig. 1: Pain During Chewing

Discolored Teeth

Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes the cause of your teeth discoloration isn't related to the type of food you ate. This is especially so if the discoloration is followed by some sort of tooth pain. If this happens to be the case, then forget about those teeth-whitening remedies you have been investing in and seek medical attention. It could be an onset of a cavity and early treatments help curb the issue from spreading further.

Discolored Teeth

Fig. 2: Discolored Teeth

The Presence Of An Abscess Around Your Tooth

This is some form of uncommon pimple-like lamp that normally finds its way around the base of the gum of your tooth. It might be painless at the beginning but it does get extremely painful with time even at the slightest touch. And if ignored for long, it forms pus and you know exactly what that means; immeasurable pain and the possibility of spreading infection. Therefore, you should book an appointment with your dentist the moment you notice this, to save yourself from serious health concerns.

Presence Of Abscess Around Your Tooth

Fig. 3: The Presence Of An Abscess Around Your Tooth

Teeth Sensitivity

This is a pretty common symptom that you should, by all means, take seriously. You start experiencing uncommon sensitivity when you take your favorite cold or hot drinks. No, it isn't the weather that's playing tricks with you, but your teeth that have some problem. Could be a developing decay or even an infection through the root canal. But you can be sure that whatever is happening isn't normal and requires a dental check-up for the onset of early treatment.

Teeth Sensitivity

Fig. 4: Teeth Sensitivity

Swollen Mouth

You wake up one morning and one look in the mirror reveals a swollen mouth. Of course, this isn't normal and it's a clear indication of an underlying issue. Pain in your tooth can be quite unbearable and sometimes even minimal. When this happens, it concentrates on one side of the mouth leading to swollen red gums due to an infection in the root canal. Sometimes the swelling can spread to your cheeks, which is even worse. So be sure to make a quick dentist appointment even as you hold that ice nag to your face. A long-term solution is what you need.

A Loose Tooth

Now that you're an adult, it means that you have already surpassed the tooth falling stage. Therefore, there shouldn't be anything normal with the feel of a loose tooth/teeth. If anything, this should be a clear indication that something is wrong somewhere, especially with the support system of your tooth. Sometimes it could be due to a pulp infection or simply a way of your tooth paving way to the formation of bacteria. Don't take it for granted, it could be the reason you end up with a root canal treatment.

Cracked Teeth

If you lead a pretty active lifestyle such as vigorous gym trains, soccer and jogging then you might experience a cracked tooth once in a while. Once this happens, it makes you vulnerable to infections as the gums get exposed. So it might reach a point where a root canal is the only option. Embrace it.

Most dentists will carry out a root canal treatment as the last resort to save your tooth. But if there is still something you can do, then it's recommended to embrace other alternatives, such as the tooth filling or crowns. Your dentist will have to undertake a series of tests to determine which treatment befits your situation. So if they say it's a root canal, trust their diagnosis and have it done as soon as possible to avoid spreading of infections.

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