The New Way to Remove Fat Cells in the Body

Weight loss is a concern for a lot of people and the conventional diet and exercise regimen doesn’t produce instant results. The risks associated with surgery and other invasive procedures also make it unsuitable and potentially unsafe. As a result, getting rid of fat permanently seems almost impossible.

Studies have shown that the number of fat cells in the human body becomes constant at a certain age and these cells only change in size depending on your lifestyle choices. However, there is a new way to remove fat cells from your body. This non-invasive technology is known as cryolipolysis or coolsculpting in some quarters and it involves using cooling technology to get rid of fat cells in unwanted areas of your body.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Coolsculpting is a fat freezing procedure that has been approved as a safe medical treatment since 2010. It uses controlled cooling to reduce the number of fat cells in a certain area of the body. However, despite its weight loss benefits, it is not a treatment for obesity or serious weight gain and cannot deliver a drastic reduction in overall body fat.

This is because it focuses on specific areas that have too much fat. It is easier to focus on these areas and kill off the fat cells. Fat cells die at certain low temperatures that do not affect skin cells and this is the basic principle behind cryolipolysis.

Results have shown that it is capable of reducing fat deposits by up to 25% resulting in slimmer bodies and better quality of life in patients. It is also relatively risk-free and unlikely to cause complications due to its non-invasive nature.

It is especially useful for people who require improvements in certain body parts and desire a leaner, well-defined body afterward.


Fig. 1: Cryolipolysis

How it works

This procedure involves the use of paddles to suck in the skin around the fat infested area. These paddles come in various sizes and can be used for different areas of the body from under the chin to the thighs.

Cooling panels are then placed on and around the selected area to drastically reduce the temperature and kill off the fat cells. Sessions last up to an hour as the cooling technology takes effect on the fat deposits underneath the skin. The temperature range for this procedure is between 5º and -11º.

The procedure is not as tasking and difficult as most medical treatments are with patients able to sit back and relax while the freezing takes place. The lifeless fat cells are discarded by the body within a few weeks. It is an effective fat removal treatment that lasts for a long time as revealed by tests conducted on patients after a few months.

Depending on the density of the fat tissues in the body, more than one treatment might be required to remove the cells. However, Coolsculpting ensures that the fat cells are not moved from one area to another as is often the case with other fat removal methods.

How it works

Fig. 2: How it works


Due to the benefits of fat freezing, it has become an effective cosmetic procedure for people looking for specific improvements in certain areas of their bodies.

The results don't always show up immediately as the removal of fat is not the same as weight loss. Consequently, some changes are only mild and can only be noticed by the individual. In some cases, it takes over three months for the results to become visible as the dead fat cells die off.

Untreated cells will not be affected by this treatment as the dead cells leave the body through a natural elimination process. Consequently, the ideal way to remove fat from your body is to freeze your fat.


Fig. 3: Results

Complications and Side Effects

Fat freezing has very few side effects and has not shown any sign of complications. The fact that it doesn't need to penetrate the body directly makes it safer than surgical options like liposuction.

However, due to the suction that takes place before the freezing process commences, mild bruising and skin irritation could occur. There is also the possibility of numbness as the skin isn't used to such low temperatures.

These side effects don't last for more than a few days and there is no permanent damage done to the skin and the peripheral nerves around the affected area.

Complications and Side Effects

Fig. 4: Complications and Side Effects


Here are some of the factors you should consider and the things you need to know about fat freezing.

  • Fat freezing will not work for people who are obese and need to lose an enormous amount of fat. This requires invasive procedures and other similar treatments.

  • It is important to hold consultations with a medical doctor to determine if fat freezing is ideal for you. This would depend on your body size and the results you expect from the fat removal treatment.

  • There could be the uneven removal of fat if the area is too large and this could affect your appearance. This is because the targeted cells might not be killed off completely in all spots due to the element of human error during the routine.

  • It is an expensive procedure since it is classified as a cosmetic treatment and is not covered under health insurance policies. You may require more than one treatment and this could run into thousands of dollars. Consequently, you need to make a financial decision before commencing the treatment as it would be counterproductive to stop midway.

  • A recent study indicates that the fat could very well grow back. Although there is a very low risk of it happening, it is worth mentioning. This relapse could be as a result of unhealthy eating habits after the treatment which will lead to the remaining fat cells expanding to fit into the spaces where the dead cells vacated.

In conclusion, coolsculpting is an efficient, low-risk way of removing fat from the body. It has a lot of advantages because it gets rid of fat in the best possible way without the risk of surgical incursion. It targets the natural anatomy of fat cells and triggers self-destruction at extremely low temperatures. This combined with the body's natural consumption of these cells makes it the lasting solution for eliminating stubborn fat tissues from the body.

The mild side effects of this new treatment are in stark contrast to the potential complications of other procedures for fat removal. Coolsculpting is changing the way humans model their bodies by eliminating fat cells in a practical way that provides long-lasting results. Although it is not a weight loss solution on a larger scale, it is a procedure that will benefit the human race in more ways than one.

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