Iron Deficiency Anemia Diagnosis in Males and Females

Importance and Function of Iron

Anemia is a deficiency disease emerging when the body does not receive sufficient iron. Here you will learn about the iron deficiency anemia diagnosis and other related concepts. It is important to discuss the significance of the iron mineral. Iron is a very important nutrient for our bodies.

It plays a crucial part in forming blood since it is an essential element of hemoglobin. Iron is responsible for the wellbeing and active functioning of the all the organs. The red blood cells are known to carry oxygen to different parts of the body to ensure healthy and proper functioning. If you get tired so quickly and experience shortness of breath, the physician may recommend iron deficiency anemia diagnosis.

Apart from this, iron also plays a vital role in the formation of myoglobin. Myoglobin is a protein that supplies oxygen to different muscles. Maintaining a good muscle health also relies on the amount of iron in our body. Iron is also used in forming important enzymes for us, such as digestive enzymes.

Iron Deficiency Anemia Diagnosis

Anemia is the most common medical condition that occurs in iron deficient people. It is more common in women and especially the pregnant, or girls who have heavy menstruation. People suffering from this condition are called Anemic.

This condition occurs due to too little iron in the body to maintain a healthy hemoglobin level. The body is unable to supply oxygen efficiently to other parts of the body. It consequently leads to less than normal hemoglobin levels. It often results in paler looks and weariness of the body.

The healthy red blood cells (RBCs) transport oxygen and maintain health of organs. These cells are formed by iron. Iron deficiency in body hampers the proper production of these cells. Insufficient production of RBCs leads to anemia. You can confirm it through iron deficiency anemia diagnosis.

The stats for iron deficiency anemia diagnosis are alarming. About 3.5 million people in America alone are suffering from this disease. Anemia has different stages and severity. According to a report issued by the WHO, out of the total population on earth, 24.8% is affected by anemia. The highest prevalence is in toddlers and pre-school children and the lowest rate is in men.

Iron Deficiency Anemia Diagnosis

When Iron Deficiency Anemia Diagnosis is Positive:

Anemia caused by iron deficiency occurs when:

  • The body losses more red blood cells than it can reproduce.
  • The body is unable to absorb iron.
  • The dietary intake doesn’t fulfill the iron requirement of the body.
  • In conditions when the body needs more iron than normal, for instance, pregnant women or lactating mothers.

Sudden loss of blood

Sudden loss of blood often results in anemia. The blood can be lost by:

  • Long and heavy menstruation cycle.
  • Accident or injury.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Cancer of colon, esophagus, stomach or small bowel.

Malabsorption of iron by the body

Sometimes, the body is unable to absorb iron in the body. It leads to lower production of healthy red blood cells. The iron deficiency anemia diagnosis will confirm the disease.

Sources of Iron

Iron is found in abundance in:

  • Green leafy vegetables, like spinach.
  • Red meat is also an iron rich food.
  • Fish, eggs and poultry are also iron rich.
  • Iron supplements in the form of syrup and tablets are readily available in the market. They help to increase the normal iron intake.

Symptoms of Anemia

The general symptoms an Anemia patient exhibits are as follows:

  • Weariness and fatigue.
  • Yellow/pale skin.
  • Insomnia.
  • Leg cramps.
  • Shortness of breath, headache, rapid heartbeat especially after an exercise.
  • Dizziness and lack of concentration.

Symptoms of Anemia Caused by Iron Deficiency

The specific symptoms of iron deficient individuals are as follows:

  • Pica: It is a condition where the person feels the urge to eat strange substances like paper, dirt or ice.
  • Sore mouth.
  • Koilonychias: upward curvature of nails.
  • Anemia is caused not just by iron deficiency. It is also attributed to various other factors. Listed below are some of the other factors causing anemia.

  • Anemia caused by lack of Vitamin B12
  • Anemia caused by chronic lead poisoning
  • Sickle cell anemia

Anemia Caused by Sudden Red Blood Destruction

Sometimes, anemia runs in the family. It is sometimes referred as the hereditary anemia. One must go for regular checkups and take precautionary measures to prevent it. The iron deficiency anemia diagnosis may not be useful here.


It is imperative to have a well-balanced diet. The diet should be full of vitamins and minerals including iron. You will enjoy a healthy and active life. One must include everything in diet from meat to vegetables, whole grains and fruits. If the diet doesn’t contain essential items, always take iron supplements. Resultantly, iron deficiency anemia diagnosis will report negative. It will make sure that the body has ample supply of the mineral to perform to its fullest.


Treatment should be started for an individual reporting positive in the iron deficiency anemia diagnosis. Mild and short term anemia is easily treated. It is often controlled by a balanced diet. The iron rich substances in your diet are very useful. Other times, it can be countered by dietary supplement.

The long term or untreated anemia can become fatal. It can damage the heart or even the brain of the patient, if left untreated. If an individual exhibits any sign or symptoms of anemia, they should immediately consult the doctor. Taking precautionary measures and going through the recommended treatment is essential.

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