Vitamin Patches: How Does it Work

Transdermal patches entered the market in the early 1990s and received approval years later by the FDA for over-the-counter distribution. The vitamin patch is the latest trend and invention for replacing nutrients in the body. Scientists continue to research the effectiveness of the patch while it is gaining popularity among consumers. People are using it to treat acne, nutrient deficiencies, stress, premenstrual symptoms, insomnia, and as a replacement to supplemental pills.

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What is a vitamin patch?

A vitamin patch is an adhesive device that administers vitamin supplements into the bloodstream. It is very simple to apply to the skin and comes in different vitamin selections including a multi-vitamin, vitamin D3, and other essential vitamins. The patches contain natural ingredients and have no additives and preservatives.

Working Process of Vitamin Patches

Busy adults on the go often forget to maintain the wellness of their bodies and use supplemental vitamins for a boost in energy. But, if you are intolerable of swallowing large capsules, pills, and tablets, the vitamin patch is an alternative solution. How the supplements work differs from the way the transdermal patch works.

Researchers explain the process of how vitamin patches work in the body after applying it to the skin. It fits the top layer of the skin like a band-aid. The main ingredient in the vitamin patch to cause nutrients to penetrate through the skin is a fat-soluble substance. The patches contain little pieces of nutrients combined with either substances of fat-soluble or lipophilic. Below explains how the nutrients pass through the epidermis, dermis, and the hypodermis layers of the skin.

  • When affixed to the epidermis, the vitamin patch slowly releases nutrients that penetrate to the dermis.
  • The dermis is the second layer of skin. The nutrients go through the dermis until reaching the third layer, the hypodermis.
  • Once the nutrients from the vitamin patch reach the hypodermis, it then goes to the bloodstream. Through the circulatory system, the nutrients go through the bloodstream to the entire body.
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Advantages of the Vitamin Patch

  • Vitamin patches are adhesive devices and easy to apply to the skin and removed from the skin.
  • It provides continuous nutrient delivery without overloading your body at once to cause a reaction.
  • A vitamin patch doesn’t cause side effects on the gastrointestinal tract as some vitamin supplements.

The natural way to receive vitamins and minerals for wellness is to eat a balanced diet each day. As people get older, they lose those important nutrients that make them feel energized and vibrant. Physicians may recommend individuals of age to take a vitamin supplement with a meal daily to promote wellbeing. Some nutrition professionals may suggest a vitamin patch if you have problems consuming pills.

Another advantage when using the vitamin patch is when you are dealing with acne breakouts. If you suffer from these acne breakouts, you know that it is the most isolating condition in the world. Earl Hailey of says that as tempting as it is to pick at acne breakouts, it is much better for your skin to leave it alone. If you’ve grown frustrated with harsh topical ointments and expensive dermatologist treatments, why not fill your body with proven, powerful vitamins to help clear up that stubborn acne for good.

Most Recent Studies on Transdermal Vitamin Patches

A 2015 medical research study revealed vitamin D3 through transdermal vitamin patches weren't as effective as supplements. The 2019 study is about how well multi-vitamin patch works in gastric bypass patients. The participants of the study had some type of gastric surgeries within the last year the study began. It didn't include people who have never had surgery before.

Researchers discovered vitamin D3 through capsules or tablets had no effect on people if they had fat abnormalities. The vitamin is a potent drug that requires a low dosage. Because of this, it is usable for transdermal delivery to administer daily dosage in smaller amounts. It works the same way as vitamin patches in healthy adults and patients.

Most transmission of vitamin D3 research only examined topical applications. What the study suggested is that vitamin patches can help you to receive your required nutrients each day. The vitamin patch could help some gastric bypass patients and people seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The latest study in 2019 of the transdermal vitamin patch tested the response to daily use in gastric bypass patients. Researchers compared two groups of people, the pill group and the patch group. The pill group used supplements and the patch group used the vitamin patch.

Both groups included patients who received gastric bypass surgeries from 2015 to 2019. They had to participate in the study for a year and complete laboratory tests. The annual blood work revealed over 82 percent of patients in the patch group had a deficiency. Nearly 41 percent of patients in the pill group had at least one deficiency.

The report concluded the users of the vitamin patches are likely to have vitamin D deficiencies and a low concentration of minerals and vitamins. Scientists believe there needs to be more studies on gastric bypass patients. This does not mean the vitamin patch doesn't work in healthy adults. A gastric bypass patient should select the appropriate vitamin patch for it to work.

Vitamin patches are here to stay and work well as an alternative to supplements. Consumers who are health conscience and nutrition experts are witnessing the positive effects of the transdermal patch. The fat-soluble solution makes it just as effective as supplemental vitamins but at a slower rate. The solution mixed with nutrients slowly penetrates the skin to avoid overloading the body.

While research studies suggest the need for more research, consumers, athletes, and gastric bypass surgery patients are seeing significant results. The vitamin patch can make you feel energized and rejuvenated.

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