9 Interesting Facts about Human Growth Hormone

facts about human growth hormone

There are certainly many interesting facts about human growth hormone, but we have chosen 9 to highlight here. Human growth hormone is an essential chemical messenger secreted by the pituitary gland. Its influence reaches every cell in the body. So much so, in fact, that we will make that number one on our list below:

1. Influence on Cellular Regeneration

2. Improves Age-Related Appearance

3. Accelerates Metabolic Functions

4. Decreases the Risk of Osteoporosis

5. Supports Muscle Growth and Strength

6. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

7. Strengthens the Immune System

8. Reduces Cognitive Decline

9. Promotes Emotional Stability

You have likely heard many myths and facts about human growth hormone. It is often hard to know what it the truth and what is fiction. Can it really be that HGH can make you look years, or even decades younger? The answer might surprise you.

Facts about Human Growth Hormone and Your Body

Let us look at some of these 9 interesting facts about human growth hormone in detail.

1. Influence on cellular regeneration – HGH promotes the liver release of insulin growth factor 1. In turn, IGF-1 mediates the effect of human growth hormone on cell production throughout the body. New cells are vital in all areas to replace those that die off each day. These cells are especially critical for maintaining internal organ integrity.

2. Improves age-related appearance – the same new cells are necessary for collagen production that maintains facial skin tone. Adequate cellular regeneration keeps the skin thick, tight, and firm, the hair thick and lustrous, and the nails strong.

3. Accelerates metabolic functions – human growth hormone speeds the breakdown of fats and the metabolism of all consumed food. HGH improves metabolic functions to aid weight loss.

4. Decreases the risk of osteoporosis – HGH and IGF-1 stimulate bone metabolism, increasing bone formation while slowing down the turnover of old bone.

5. Supports muscle growth and strength – human growth hormone increases collagen synthesis in skeletal muscle. The result is improved muscle tone and strength.

6. Enhances cardiovascular health – HGH helps lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, and decrease adipose tissue (fat mass). With an increase in energy, a person can also exercise for more extended periods. All the above are beneficial to the heart.

7. Strengthens the immune system – human growth hormone helps the body fight off invading germs to resist infection or illness. HGH also shortens recovery time from cuts, injuries, and illness for faster healing.

The remaining facts about human growth hormone are answered in the next section.

Facts about Human Growth Hormone and Your Brain and Emotions

The 7 facts about HGH discussed above are reason enough to maintain a healthy supply of human growth hormone. HGH impacts the body in so many ways, but its effects go further – straight to the brain. It is there, in the brain that human growth hormone originates in the pituitary gland. However, the brain is also home to a vast network of HGH receptors. These cells are abundant in the regions that govern learning and recall. Without enough human growth hormone, a person will find it difficult to access stored memories.

Here are some facts about human growth hormone for your brain and emotions:

1. Reduces cognitive decline – HGH stimulates the learning centers of the brain so that you can focus and learn more easily. Faster, sharper memory is another benefit of human growth hormone.

2. Promotes emotional stability – depression is common in adults with HGH deficiency. Human growth hormone therapy reverses feelings of depression and restores a happier mood.

Would you like two more bonus facts about human growth hormone?

Bonus fact #1 – HGH enhances sexual desire, feelings of arousal, erectile functions, vaginal lubrication, and orgasm intensity. You can expect a significantly improved sex life from human growth hormone therapy.

Bonus fact #2 – sleep quality improves significantly with higher HGH levels. Since human growth hormone also lowers cortisol, you will feel less stressed.

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