What to look for When Choosing the Right Dietary Supplements

choosing the right dietary supplements

Fig. 1: Choosing the right dietary supplements

Supplements are rapidly becoming part and parcel of most individuals' daily health care routine. This explains why the supplement industry is one of the multi-billion industries in global rankings. There is much information being spread out there concerning dietary supplements and how they can change one's life. However, with the various variations, and prices, it isn't easy to sort the best from the rest. The fact remains there are best supplements out there and you can find them with a little research and considerations.

Avoid wasting money by using the following tips in choosing the right dietary supplements to suit your needs.

Consider Your Goals

The first thing you should ask yourself before settling for any kind of supplement is the reason as to why you need them. Is it because you want to fulfill your long-term or short-term goals? Are you after general wellness, weight gain or weight loss? Having a clear answer to these questions will guide you in selecting the correct supplements. There are some that would help you with rapid weight loss, but with chances of health complications. Are you willing to take that risk?

Also, consider your present health condition to see if it's in line with your short-term/long-term goals. If for example you're obese and your health is at risk, you might want to consider some weight loss supplements with intense results. There is no supplement that fits all situations. So if you have more than one condition, it's advisable to supplement each separately to boost efficiency and allow accountability.

Consider Your Goals

Fig. 2: Consider Your Goals

Look At The Quality And Efficiency

Each supplement comes with a list of ingredients. Yes, you can come across minerals and vitamins that claim to counter the same issue, but remember the ingredients might not be the same. Various brands can swear by the efficiency of different elements, but which one is better? It depends on your needs.

Take for example, magnesium, you can easily run into magnesium sulfate supplements just as much as you would the magnesium chloride or even citrate. So if you want lasting effects, then you might have to choose a supplement with magnesium chloride since it easily assimilates into the body as compared to magnesium sulfate. Also, if you want faster effects and would like to maximize on the efficiency, consider using sprays or flakes that are instantly absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Look At The Quality And Efficiency

Fig. 3: Look At The Quality And Efficiency

Is It Tried And Tested?

It's your duty as a consumer to ensure that everything you take into your body is safe. So when choosing a supplement brand, to help you through your health needs, ensure that it has undergone research and the clinical trials are at least positive. You can even request information from the company to justify their credibility. For example, according to Slimntrim.co.uk supplement products should be scientifically blended and proven to solve health issues revolving their specific line of work. Be it weight loss, lean muscles building and energizing, all the relevant information should be publicly displayed.

Is It Tried And Tested?

Fig. 4: Is It Tried And Tested?

Not Tested On Human Beings

The fact that a supplement indicates "tested on animals" doesn't instantly make it safe for human consumption. Remember the anatomy of human beings is different from that of animals. What can be tolerated in the animal body and digestive system, might be aggressive with humans. Therefore, when choosing supplements, ensure they have been tested on fellow humans.

Not Tested On Human Beings

Fig. 5: Not Tested On Human Beings

Use Of Artificial Colorings and Flavors

The reason as to why most individuals find supplements distasteful is because most manufacturers shun from the use of artificial flavors. I mean, if you claim the product is 100% why would you want to add something "unnatural" in the first place? Will it still be natural? Of course not. So if possible in your search go for products that are pure and clean.

Keep a keen eye for additives, colorings, sugars, and other artificial flavors. Also, allergens such as soy, gluten, and dairy should be avoided. Well, not unless you're ready to compromise. But whichever the case, it's always good to know what you're ordering and the impact it can have on your wellness progress.

Use Of Artificial Colorings and Flavors

Fig. 6: Use Of Artificial Colorings and Flavors

Recommended Dosage

If you have been sourcing out supplements for a while, then you must have noticed that various manufacturers have different dosage specifications. A calcium supplement from one brand can, for example, recommend you take up to six capsules a day, while another one will insist of not taking more than two in a day. Why the difference? While some individuals think that the more you take, the faster the results you achieve, this isn't always the case. Sometimes less is more efficient as compared to more. The logic behind this is because if you take less, then it means there is sufficient time for absorption thus more effective.

Less can also be economical in the sense that if a packet of supplements contains 30 capsules and you're required to take one in a day, then you will use it for thirty days. But if the same packet requires an intake of 2 capsules a day, then you will need another one every fifteen days. Are you willing or capable of spending that much within a short period of time?

Recommended Dosage

Fig. 7: Recommended Dosage

The Presence Of GMOs( Genetically Modified Organisms)

Check if the ingredients on your supplement container have anything to do with GMO. While some manufacturers try to hide this fact with a few modifications, you should abandon a supplement the moment you notice any suspicious component. Remember GMOs contain high doses of chemicals that have been used to speed their maturity. They, therefore, are bad not only for you, but also for the environment. In fact, instead of relieving your issues, they might as well expose you to terminal illnesses such as cancer and digestive issues. Be aware.

Choosing the best supplements for your present well-being needs is a sure way of ensuring you lead a healthier lifestyle. But with the various brands and products hitting the current marketplace, it's difficult to know which one is the best. Therefore, before paying for a product, invest your time in conducting research. Know the ingredients used, cost, if it has been tested and the recommended dosage. All this should be in line with your goals and budget.

The Presence Of GMOs

Fig. 8: The Presence Of GMOs( Genetically Modified Organisms)

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