Sitting Upright: 6 Ways Good Posture Can Do You Good

Good posture is something we all know that we should be striving for but it is not something that is easily achieved. A lot of us spend time relaxing on the sofa or sitting at a desk with our necks stretched to view a monitor. However, if we pay more attention to our posture and take steps to improve it then there are a number of ways that we will benefit.

You Will Feel Like You Have More Energy

Good posture has been linked to feeling more productive. Just sitting up straight can give you an immediate energy boost and you feel more able to get things done. It has also been linked to reducing stress.

You Will Feel More Positive

Good posture can also help improve your mental health and get you feeling positive. You will appear more confident to other people and this can increase your confidence. A good posture is also said to help you recall more positive memories.

You Will Feel More Positive

Fig. 1: You Will Feel More Positive

Blood Flows To Your Brain Better

When your neck is straining or cramped over then the blood can’t flow to your brain as well as it should be able to. When your posture improves then the blood can flow better and this will mean your brain is better oxygenated. It probably won't make you any smarter but it will make sure that your brain is getting everything it needs.

Blood Flows To Your Brain Better

Fig. 2: Blood Flows To Your Brain Better

Digestion Will Improve

When you are slouched over then this means that your intestines are probably getting squashed. Good posture means that food is able to be processed as it should be by your body and this can reduce problems such as wind and constipation. You should find that you feel a lot more comfortable after you have eaten.

You Will Get Fewer Headaches

Another advantage of the blood flow to your brain improving is that you will get fewer headaches. This can also be helped by the fact that your neck is not under so much pressure as well. Bad posture can cause tight muscles in the neck and shoulders and this has been linked to regular headaches.

You Will Get Fewer Headaches

Fig. 3: You Will Get Fewer Headaches

It Helps Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of poor posture and anyone who suffers from their back will tell you how painful it can be. Less strain will be put on your back when your posture is good and this can help to reduce the amount of pain that is experienced. There is a wide range of advice and helpful other resources that can be found at that are useful to anyone with back pain.

One of the easiest ways to improve your posture is to include some stretches into your daily routine that will help your muscles get into the positions that they are supposed to be in. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can really help with this. There are also aids that you can buy that will help to ensure that you are always sitting in the correct position. Trying to improve your posture does not have to be a difficult process and the benefits that it brings can make a real positive difference to your everyday life.

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